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Excuse me. This page is still incomplete.

Many of the scenery on this page is not published on org. Therefore, many of them do not have a manual yet.

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japan hashiri
japan hashiri.zip
zip ( 圧縮 ) ファイル 44.5 MB

Hashiri Island is an island in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan. I made a fictitious airport there.

airport ID XHASHI

Hashiri Island is next to Yuge Island, where there is a huge labyrinth. If you have the Giant Labyrinth installed, you can see it from Hashiri Island.

japan Lake HIbarako 1.3
Japan Lake Hibarako ver1.3.zip
zip ( 圧縮 ) ファイル 31.3 MB

Lake Hibara is a Japanese camping resort. There are several lakes and marshes, and Mt. Bandai is there.

airport ID XHIBA

japan toshima ver.2
japan toshima ver.2.zip
zip ( 圧縮 ) ファイル 17.2 MB

This is a marine accident mission in the sea south of Tokyo.It is a short distance from Izu Oshima Airport RJTO.

japan utsukushigahara1.3
japan utsukushigahara1.3.zip
zip ( 圧縮 ) ファイル 9.7 MB

Utsukushigahara is located on the eastern hill of Matsumoto City. Kamikochi is on the west side of Matsumoto City.

airport ID XUTSU

japan shinsyuidai hospital2.0
japan shinsyuidai hospital2.0.zip
zip ( 圧縮 ) ファイル 15.1 MB

Shinshu University Hospital is located in Matsumoto City. It is close to Utsukushigahara and Kamikochi, and a doctor helicopter is resident.

airport ID XSHIN

japan takabotch1.0
japan takabotchi1.0.zip
zip ( 圧縮 ) ファイル 3.6 MB

Takabotchi is in the south of Utsukushigahara. Horse racing is held there every summer.

airport ID XTAKB

japan mt.yatsu2.0
japan mt yatsu2.0.zip
zip ( 圧縮 ) ファイル 20.2 MB

Yatsugatake is a mountain range in the central part of Japan. The open-air bath in the mountains is located at the highest altitude in Japan.

airport ID XYATSU

japan yugeshima
Yugeshima Labyrinth Park
japan yugeshima.zip
zip ( 圧縮 ) ファイル 12.5 MB

It is a huge fictitious labyrinth that I built in the Seto Inland Sea in Japan.

airport ID XYUGE

seaplane stop
Seaplane Stop 1.1.zip
zip ( 圧縮 ) ファイル 1.4 MB

For some reason, the seaplane does not stop even if the anchor is inserted. So I made a device to stop the seaplane.

japan kashiwanoha2.02
japan kashiwanoha2.02.zip
zip ( 圧縮 ) ファイル 10.7 MB

Kashiwanoha City is located in Chiba Prefecture, next to Tokyo. This is the town where I used to live. There are skyscrapers there and the night view is beautiful.

airport ID XKAHA

japan matsuba2.03
japan matsuba2.03.zip
zip ( 圧縮 ) ファイル 61.2 MB

Matsuba Town is next to Kashiwanoha City. I even made the interior of the cafe there.

airport ID XMAT